AGAVE Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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A couple of months ago I mentioned the Agave Smoothing shampoo and conditioner in my monthly madness post. I never really did a proper review of it, so here is my second thought about the products.


Agave Smoothing Shampoo is a nourishing shampoo which entirely remove dirt and debris from the hairs of yours. This shampoo gently cleanses the hair. It’s infused with agave plant sugars, and that smoothens the hair with a moisturizing balm.

The shampoo is safe to be used on colored hair, and preserve hair color for the gorgeous result every wash. This shampoo is $25 for an 8.5 oz. at Sephora. To use the shampoo simply apply a nickel-size amount of wet hair. Massage the products into lather form and rinse.


Agave Smoothing conditioner is a light conditioner which moisturizes, controls frizz, and also restores natural looking shine. This conditioner is infused with moisturizing along with color – preserve agave plant sugars, that’ll hydrate the hair and gently detangles without weighing hair down for silky soft looks. Agave conditioner is twenty five dolars for an 8.5 oz. at Sephora. Use a nickel or perhaps quarter size amount (depending on hair length) of items to shampoo your hair from mid length on the suggestion. Massage the problem inside the scalp and the roots of plants, and rinse off after five minutes; repeat steps.

My Review

I purchased this shampoo and conditioner as a trio set for $39 (4 oz.) when the brand first launched. The set comes with the oil treatment too, but I’ll do a separate review of it later. I used the shampoo and conditioner for a week, and I love how it makes my hair feel after each use. My hair was soft and silky looking. It helps tame my baby hair by 30%. Both of the shampoo and conditioner came with a very pleasant smell, which smells like some type of herbs infused with sugar. Their odor was very different from most of the shampoo and conditioner I owned.

Destroyed my Hair – A Mistake

After a week of using I decided to stop using it. Since the bottle was small, it made it a great size for traveling. I two weeks ago I had the chance to retry the products and I was so surprised by what the product did to my hair. It completely dries my hair out after the first use. 

My natural shine was gone, and my hair was tangled together. It took me around 15 minutes to detangle my hair. I realize that the first time I used this shampoo and conditioner right after my coconut oil treatment. It was not the shampoo or conditioner that makes my hair soft and silky; it was the coconut oil that gave me that result. My hair was in a bad shape for over a week. I couldn’t restore its health until going through a coconut oil and banana mask treatment.


Overall I gave this shampoo and conditioner a ♥ D- . I like the thought of healthy ingredients and sulfur-free, but its quality was not what I expected to be. It did not help my hair restore some damages, neither did it make my hair sparkle. The item didn’t provide the outcome as the manner in which it said it’d. Nevertheless, I do like the scent of it. It smells excellent and sweet.

It made me feel very relaxing. The application was very self-explain, and the instruction is printed on each of the bottles. The bottle packing was okay, it is a green bottle with a gold cap. The bottle doesn’t contain a pump, not even the larger size. The price for the product is rather expensive, and especially for something that doesn’t even work as well as my currently own drugstore shampoo and conditioner.

Even though I don’t like the result of the Agave shampoo and conditioner, but there were a lot of users who gave the product a good review. I wouldn’t recommend this shampoo or conditioner to anyone base on my experience. If you are interested in trying to please do some research on other reviews and ask for some sample first before investing; do buy the trio set first.

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