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Estee Lauder is now at Sephora (selected stores) and on You know what that means – earning more points and keeping my VIB Rouge status going… WOOOHOOOO! I am not a huge fan of shopping at Macy or any other department store, especially when it comes to buying beauty products.

You might find me a little weird, but I do not like to be assisted by others. I just want to go in, grab what I need, and get out. When it comes to shopping for makeup, skincare, or fragrances, it is a little different; I like to take my time roaming around. I want to be able to touch, feel, swatch, and smell things without the pushy sales associates, who are trying to sell the most expensive products.

Most of those products suggest from the sale associates are not even for me. So my places for beauty products would most likely be Sephora (high – end brands), Ulta (high – ends / drugstore brands), Kohl (exclusive brands), Wegmans (drugstore brands with tester display), Wholefood (natural or organic brands with tester display), The Face Shop, and online (without the long line, exclusive products, cheaper than in-store deals, or special offers).

Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint($24)  is a pure pigment in a creamy shadow. There are the nine shades (Cosmic, Neon Fushia, Pink Zinc, Sinister, Steel, Extreme Emeral, Chained, Halo, Bold Cobalt) in this collection, but only six (Cosmic, Neon Fushia, Pink Zinc, Sinister, Steel, and Extreme Emerald) are available on Each of the shades is retail for $24. I only got two colors because the color choices are very limited.

Extreme Emerald is a bold green with a satin finish. I am not a huge fan of green, but this color made my brown eye pop. The shade made my eye look extremely brown, and the eye makeup looks very edgy and bold. I like to use this color alone by applying it from the lash line up to the crease. To make the eye pop a little more, I would tight line some black eyeliner on the upper lash. I could also be using this as a cream base, but I do not like green enough to try this method.

Steel is a vibrant shimmery silver. Between the two colors, this one is my most favorite. The shimmering silver can be used in so many ways, such as a stand-alone for a beautiful daytime eye shadow. It can be used as a base along with a gunsmoke or black eye shadow, and pair it with some black eyeliner for a girl’s night out smoky. The glitter from the shadow is not too chunky, and it doesn’t spread all over the face.

There are many different ways to apply Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay – On Shadow Paint. It can be applied with a finger, a small synthetic eye shadow brush, or an angle brush (eyeliner). I like to wear these shadows in various ways; just like I had mentioned above, I use it alone as an eye shadow or eyeliner. Sometimes I even use them as an eye shadow base, just to make my powder shadows look more intensive.

I had always thought of Estee Lauder as a “GRAMMA BRAND,” but after trying the Pure Color Stay – On Shadow Paint, I realize I had been missing out. The soft gel texture, cream shadow blends, smooth against my skin. The color choices for this collection may not be much, but that is fine because the shades can be mixed to create a whole new shade. Estee Lauder Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint claimed to be long-wearing, which last up to 12 hours. It too claims that the product will be creased – free and will not fade.

I have to admit that all three of these claims are very true. I had worn both of these colors to work, and I did not experience any smudging or fading. Pure Color Stay – On Shadow Paint dries downtime seems to be perfect. It doesn’t dry so fast that I don’t have enough time to blend, and it doesn’t stay wet so long that it creases before the product is set. Once the product is dry, it stays on the whole day.

Now, I had been seeing some mixture review about the product by other people. Many had said that the consistency of the eyeshadows is not similar. Some claim that the product fades within the first couple hours, while another said it instantly creases once applied. I only own two shades, so I don’t dare to say the entire collection is perfect.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about Estee Lauder and misjudge it as the way I do, I suggest you go ahead and stop by a department store and try these shadows out. I am sure you will have a second thought about the brand once you have a chance to play with it.

Have you tried Pure Color Stay – On Shadow by Estee Lauder? Let me know what you think.


  • High pigmentation, with cream gel like texture
  • Shadows appear vividly upon the skin, long wearing, and crease-less,
  • Easy to blend, perfect drying time, multipurpose
  • Great packaging, which comes in a glass jar. Product doesn’t dry out easily. It small enough and strong enough to travel with
  • Reasonable price, product should last for a long time


  • Need more colors
  • Many people say that the consistency is not the same with every colors
  • May be little heavy to traveling with

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