The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream (5 Grains Cereal) Review

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I am BACK! I am hoping you’re having perfect dates for Valentine as a brand new item is upon you. I decided to take a rest from blogging for a few weeks, therefore I can focus on my work and finals. Naturally, I got a few days for myself to rest too. Anyways, after talking about The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream on my month favourite plus day skincare regimen, I believe the cleanser deserves a complete review article.

Face Shop Herb Day Cleasing Cream

The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream (five Grains Cereal) is a cleansing product, that contains five-grain extracts is ideal for purifying and also softening skin, with a slight touch feel. This cleansing product is able to remove makeup, get rid of the soil, remove germs, as well as get rid of dead skin cells. The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream additionally moisturizes skin as it cleans. This cleansing cream is listed from seven dollars – sixteen dollars based on the location of purchase.

How to use cleansing cream?

To use the cream, simply get an adequate amount on palms. Massage the cream to face until the makeup base gets off; wipe it out with a tissue. Use cleansing foam as the last step. I use this cleansing cream almost every night, especially when my skin feels irritated and dry. It removes my makeup without leaving redness or itchy feeling. Instead, my skin felt extremely smooth and soothing after each use. During the freezing month, like December and January, my face often gets dry patches. Herb Day Cleansing Cream can smooth away the dry patches, making my makeup look flawless.

My review on Cream

To make use of the cream, just get a sufficient amount on palms. Massage the product to confront until the makeup foundation gets off; wash it out there using a tissue. Use cleansing foam as the final action. I work with this cleansing cream nearly every night, particularly when my skin feels dry and irritated. It removes the makeup of mine without leaving redness or maybe itchy feeling. Rather, my skin felt soothing and smooth extremely after each use. During the snowy month, like January and December, the face of mine quite often gets dry patches. Herb Day Cleansing Cream is able to file away the dry spots, making my makeup look flawless.

I hate Packaging!

The packaging does not contain some direction to just how the cream must be consumed, though the business site does provide a little info about the instruction and also the products on how you can use it. I do not believe it’s the very best idea, but hey, so long as I understand what I have to accomplish – I’m not gonna complain. I do hate its packing!

The plastic jar is cute; nevertheless, it’s inconvenient. I have a little bathroom, so there’s not a great deal of space within the sink. To make sure that I will not spill water or even knock the cream on the floor, I should close the lid immediately after I remove the service. It will be a lot easier of the item is available in a pot with a snap-on lid, instead of a twisted lid.

Pricing and also the accessibility of this product could be varied. Fortunately, The Face Shop opens a grocery store fifteen miles clear of the region of the mine, therefore it’s not difficult to get the service. The price is really cheap. Nevertheless, in case I stay in a location which does not have the Face Shop, over forty-five states, the cost can be very large since I’ve to purchase it on-line.



  • Smooth and creamy texture, with a cooling feeling
  • Calm my skin from any itchiness or irritation, especially when using foundation
  • Get rid of dirt, take away bacteria, and eliminate dead skin cell
  • Remove all suborn makeup
  • It smells great, very fresh and clean


  • The packaging doesn’t mention the ingredients, at least not in English
  • Inconvenient container, water can get in easily while using
  • Hard to obtain in the United States for a low price
  • No instruction on how to use the product

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