Fresh Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover Review

I had mentioned before in my blog review for Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, that I cannot use soy as one of the ingredients in my skincare product. However, I couldn’t help myself from given the Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover a try. Even though my face is extremely sensitive, yet the area around my eyes isn’t; or at least isn’t as bad compared to my face.

Fresh Soy Condition Eye Makeup Remover

Fresh Soy Condition Eye Makeup Remover is referred to as a cutting edge method which effectively and gently removes all of the traces of cosmetics, such as waterproof while managing the lashes and hydrating skin around the eye region. This particular eye makeup remover contains several of the very best organic substances which stop ageing signs while keeping your skin smoothness.

Ingredients in Eye Makeup Remover

The active ingredients consist of Soy Proteins (a loaded with amino acids which maintain healthy-looking skin) and suppleness, Mallow Extract (soothing), Cornflower Extract (helps to tone and improve suppleness), Cucumber Extract (helps to calm and hydrate), Ginseng Root Extract (aids in nourishing, stimulating, along with revitalizing the skin), along with Vitamins C and E (Offer antioxidant protection.)

Price of Soy Makeup remover

The same as most of the goods of its, Soy Condition Eye Makeup Remover doesn’t include some strong chemicals, like parabens, sulfates, & phthalates. This 4 oz. makeup remover is a list for twenty-six dollars.

Review on Soy Condition Makeup remover

Among the favourite things of mine about Soy, Condition Eye Makeup Remover is its surface. Unlike the majority of the waterproof eye makeup removers I used before, liquid makeup remover includes engine oil, this eye makeup remover experienced a lotion to lotion texture. Because it does not include some oil, there was not some residue left behind or jump into the eyes of mine.

My Method of Use

The remover can remove the toughest waterproof eye makeup within one or two swipes. When using this remover to clean my eyes, I use following procedure;

  • I would pump one pump of the product into a cotton pad.
  • Hold the cotton pad against my eye for about five to ten seconds.
  • Next, I would wipe my eye using a downward motion. Using the downward motion swipe, it will prevent rough movement that can break off my lashes.
  • Lastly, I would fold my cotton pad into a triangle; use the sharp point of the triangle going from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, to remove the remaining eyeliner that is close to the lash line.
  • Repeat the same steps on the other eye. It takes less than a minute to remove all eye makeup off of both eyes.

I’d been making use of this particular solution for more than 2 days now, as well as up to now I have not got a weird reaction. The spot around the eyes does not really feel irritated or burn. In order to evaluate the theory of mine about soy, I chose to utilize a small bit of the remover to eliminate several of my face makeup. Instantly my face felt the melt which instantly presents reddish bumps. Not an extremely wise move!

Anyways, I do suggest this particular item to any person who’s currently in love with Fresh Soy Face cleaner. The facial cleanser itself can’t remove waterproof makeup but does work wonder by detaching foundation or maybe BB cream without detaching water from the facial skin. So alongside the Soy Condition Eye Makeup Remover, they are going to be the ideal partner in crime.

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