How to pick your Eye Concealer and Apply Mascara

Picking Eye Concealer and Mascara have never forgotten tools for rocking your parties. No one gets away with attractive shades around your eyes letting them focus on the good part of your body.

How to Pick your Eye Concealer

Most people believed a concealer is an essential tool for creating faultlessness. The concealer comes in many different formulas, which can give you a different amount of coverage. Some people need only one concealer to create perfection, while others may need two or above.

Stick Concealer

One of the most popular concealers is the stick. Stick concealer can give you a great amount of coverage without drying your skin. Stick concealer can be good to conceal most of the discoloration.

Pot Concealer

For complete coverage, you would want to purchase a pot concealer. Pot concealer is creamy and thick, so it would be best to apply a small amount and work your way up. This concealer may be too think for, under the eye circle, you may end up with crease line from its dryness. Learn about our tricke to effectively remove eye makeup.

Cleaner with Moisture

If you are looking for a concealer with moisture, the tube concealer would be one of the best. A tube concealer can give you a large amount of coverage, or you can apply it with a wet sponge to sheer it out for a lighter amount of coverage. For efficient functions, try to learn basic function of skin.

Wand Concealer

For a sheer and little coverage, you may want to try wand concealer. Want concealer is easy to blend and looks great with minimal foundation. This concealer can only cover the minor flaw.

For eye shadow,we recommend following items;

  1. Maybelline Eye Shadow
  2. Estee Lauder Shadow paint

Pencil Concealer

To cover blemish spots, or even some of the vein pencil concealer will do the job. It has a dry texture, which helps the concealer stay on all day.

Identify which color is best for you? 

Well if you walk into any department or cosmetic store they will do a color match for you. However, you would not get that luxury service if you were to buy something from the drug store. The best way to pick your concealer would be to pick a color lighter than your foundation, or the same color as your foundation. A lighter shade will help brighten up the darker part of your skin tone. Sometime you may need to go more than one shade lighter than you foundation color for the darker discoloration area.

How to Apply Mascara

If you want thicker-looking lashes, start applying the mascara at the base of the lashes. Move the mascara wand left to right as you work your way up to the end of the lashes. This method allows the mascara units to stick to the side of the lashes, which makes them look much thicker. If you wish for longer lashes, starting at the base of the lash line pull mascara wand up and out to the end of the lashes. This method will allow the mascara units to stick to the end of the lash, which makes them look longer.

To receive thicker and longer lashes try to layer your mascara. Layer one, apply mascara primer. Mascara primers often help make your lashes look thicker and longer. Some primers also help condition the lashes too. Layer two, apply one coat of mascara by moving your wand side to side. Use lash combs or spoolies to separate the lashes. The third layer, pull your mascara wand up and out starting at the base of the lash line. Wiggle your wand during the applications because it helps you separate the lashes. And of course, don’t forget to separate the lashes with lash combs or spoolies again.

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