How to Pick Your Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is one of the most exciting items in the makeup collection. Eye shadows come in many different shades and forms. Eye shadow helps bring attention to your eyes and make your face more vibrant. When eye shadow is used correctly, it can restructure your lids making them more beautiful. Choosing eyes shadows can be harder than it seems. The colors, texture, and finish make the different effects in your makeup look.

How to Pick your Eye Shadow Texture

Let’s begin by learning how to pick your eye shadow texture. Eye shadow comes in many different textures, which included powder, crème, pencil, and liquid. Each of the texture will reflect usage and outcome.

Powder Shadow

Powder shadow can either comes in loose or pressed forms. Both of the forms are formulated in different finishes, from matte to shimmer, and from shimmering to frosty. Pressed eye shadows are the most popular form and easier to use. It blends easily without dripping the color all over the place. Not only so, pressed eye shadow had the largest color choices. 

Most press’s eye shadows can be applied wet or dry. Loose eye shadow is a little complicated to apply and blend compare to presses shadows. Users must be extremely careful when using this form of the shadow because the shadow does fallout while applying and blending. The trick to using loose powder is to tap off the excessive products before applying or apply with a mixing medium. Both pressed and loose shadows are best for everyone. Powder shadows can be applied with brushes, sponge-tip applicators, or your fingers. The best result is to apply it with brushes.

Crème shadow

Crème shadow is the next popular texture. This type of shadows is available in very finishes, but the most popular ones are mattes and shimmers. The shades for crème shadows are limited compare to powder shadows. Crème eye is one of the best choices for people who have dry eyelids, but you must keep in mind that crème shadow crease very easily. 

To avoid or reduce crease do not over apply and always apply eye shadow primers. Also, look for products that dry to a powder finish. Most of this form of the shadow is water-resistant and long-wearing. Crème shadow can be a partner with a powder shadow for intensiveness. First, apply the crème shadow, and then follow it with a powder eye shadow. This technique made the shadow harder to blend, so when applying place the shadow exactly where to want it to be. Crème shadow can be applied with your fingers or synthetic brushes.

Pencil Eye Shadows

Pencil eye shadows are the shades in the form of a pencil. Pencil shadows are best to apply for areas close to the lash line because of the pointed tip. It can also be easily used anywhere else on the eyelid. This form of eye shadow is all about precise, making it easy for you to apply the product just where you want to wish and need it to be. Pencil shadow can be smudge with brushes, sponge-tip applicators, or your fingers. Blend out the color to create the result you want.

Liquid Shadow

Liquid shadow is one of the most unpopular forms because it the hardest to use. The shadow often comes in a shiny metallic finish. Liquid eye shadow is hard to blend, so you must be precise by placing the color exactly where you wanted. This shadow is best to apply it with a brush or use it as eyeliner. You can also apply it close to the lash line for pigment intensity.

Eye Shadow Finishes

let’s move on and learn the eye shadow finishes. The four major eye shadow finishes include matte, shimmer, satin, and frost;

Matte Finish

Eye shadow with a matte finish has no shine or shimmer. Matte finish is great for creating natural and naked makeup looks. Matte eye shadows often contain a high level of pigment, which works well for reshaping and defining the eye. Matte shadow is best for anyone, especially mature individuals. This type of finish will not draw attention to fine lines or create a crepe-like texture on the eyelids.

Shimmer Finish

Shadow with shimmer finish has a subtle shine, which also gives a hint of sparkle. Shimmer shadow provides sheer coverage, which allows you to see your skin underneath the color. This type of finish contains small particles that reflect the light. Shimmer eye shadows do not collect in fine line, which makes them perfect for mature skin. Light shimmer shadow colors can be used for highlighting under the brow bone, and inner eye inner corner of the eyes.

Satin Finish

Eye shadows with satin finish fall between matte and shimmer finish. They are shinier than matte, but not as sparkle as a shimmer. This finish appears smooth and silky on the skin without appearing shimmering or glittery. A satin finish is great for creating a natural look for people with dry eyelids without the ashy effect that can outcome from a matte eye shadow. They are easy to blend and works well every skin type, even mature skin.

Frosted Shadow

Frosted shadows finish have the most shine or gleam, which make it look reflective to the light. The frosted eye shadow provides coverage that is more solid than shimmer eye shadow, so it covers the skin underneath. Frosted finish shadow comes in many pastel colors, and often has a white and silver sparkle to it. This type of finish is not recommended to mature women because the shadow can collect in fine lines, wrinkles, or crepe-like texture.

Luster Finish

Luster finishing is almost similar to frost, but it has a sparkly effect with glitter. Luster shadows are offer the most shimmery compare to any other finishes. Just like frosted, this finish is not recommended to women with mature skin. A luster finish would only make fine lines and wrinkles appear worst.

Deluxe Finish

Veluxe finishing eye shadow is similar to matte, but it has a creamy texture. This finish does not provide a lot of color intensity. The result of Veluxe finish apply a lot smoother than matte finishing, yet the color will not show much on your skin. This finish is recommended to any skin type, including the mature skin.

Veluxe Pearl Finish

Veluxe pearl falls between veluxe and frost finishing. It has the creamy texture finishing like veluxe, and shine and reflective like frost. This finish also has a metallic result in the shadows. This finish is great for any skin type, except mature skin. The result of veluxe pearl finish will create more noticeable to wrinkles and fine lines.

Velvet Finish

Velvet finishing is a little more complicated to explain, it can fall between matte to a satin finish with some, or a lot of glitter mix into the shadow. This finish is great for any skin type, except mature skin. The glitter can collect between fine lines, and wrinkle.

Glitter Finish

Glitter finish is just like velvet finish, with high-impact of glitter mix into the shadow. Some glitter eye shadows have a slight shimmer to it. With this type of finish, the user must pack the shadow into the skin with a flat brush. Sweeping the shadow with creating major fallout. Also, apply the shadow before applying the base (foundation, bb cream, or tinted moisturizer) would be best.

Mirror Finish

A mirror finish eye shadow falls between shimmer and glitter finish. The color is sheer with shine and reflection. Mirror finish eye shadow contains a hint of sparkle and glitter. Best applied with a cream shadow brush. Mirror finish eye shadow does not come in many shades like any other finishes.

Metallic Finish

A metallic finish has a metallic sheen when applied to the skin. The texture resembles metal like gold, silver, bronze, cropper, or even foil. This type of finish is extremely pigmented. Metallic eye shadow is great for creating intensive looks during the night. This type is eye shadow is not recommended for a day time look, and not recommend for people with mature skin.

Pearl Finish

Pearl finish eye shadow fall between a shimmer and a frosted finish. The color is often sheer enough for you to see the skin underneath, but with higher reflection. Pearl finish eye shadow comes in many different shades, including pastel. Pearl is great for any skin type. Some color works well with mature skin because of its sheer coverage.

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