Illamasqua Powder Blushes Review

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It has been a while since I wrote a review on blushes. I had picked up some great blushes over the past 12 months that I should write about, but I got so carried away with all my BB cream, and eye shadow palettes reviews that I neglect other good products stuck in the back of my drawer waiting to be talked about.


All of the mentioned shades are very intense with high pigmentation. Because of my dry skin most of the time I had a really hard time finding a perfect powder blush. The finishes of Illamasqua powder blushes are satin, so it doesn’t appear chalky on my skin. What I also liked about this blush is that a little goes a long way. I don’t need to use a lot of products, but I still able to receive a full amount of coverage and enough colour to show up on my skin. If I was to compare this brand with Mac Cosmetic, I would say Illamasqua has better quality.

Ilac Pink Powder Shade

Chased, lilac pink, is very different from any of the shade I currently own. The pinkish-purple is great for any makeup look, especially with looks that have intense colors on the eyes along with a nude lip. I prefer applying this color with a fan brush. I picked a fan brush to apply this blush because the color of the blush is a light bright to me. I’m so used to wearing blushes that do not show appear much, so when I used any other brush that does it made me felt like a clown. Chased was very easy to blend, its soft finely-milled texture applied very evenly. This color would look great for anyone with medium to dark skin tone. For effective implementation, you should follow skin types and methods to keep skin healthy. The blush will appear a little too dark with those who have lighter skin.

Hussy or Petal Pink Powder Shade

Hussy, petal pink, was much lighter comparing to the Chases. This color looks great for creating any type of makeup look. I even try wearing this color alone with BB cream and it still looks gorgeous. It gives me more of a natural look with a pop of color. I would use any blush brushes to apply this color since it wasn’t too intense. This color will look great for light to tan skin tone.

Vibront Apricot Powder Shade

Lover, vibrant apricot, is my most favorite out of the three. The color is soft and delicate, which makes it great to use on naked makeup looks. It gives more a natural fresh glow rather than that pop of color. I would say this color would look good with light to medium skin tone because it appears so light and soft on my skin.

I notice that most of the colors online are currently out of stock, and there is not much in the stores either. It is either because the brand is doing so great that there are not enough products for everyone or the brand is going to be discontinued. I wish I was able to pick out more colors to add to my collection.


I give Illamasqua powder blushes an overall grading of an ♥ A . The texture of these blushes is very fine which makes it easy to blend and buildable. Even though I mention which color may look good on a certain skin tone, but anyone can build the product as they go just so that it will match their skin tone. The color is very long-lasting. I do not have any issue with the blush fading after a long day of work. For days that I have to work more than seven hours, I do apply a little cream blush under my base to help the blush maintain longer. I love the product packing, simple and elegant at the same time. I do consider Illamasqua blush a little pricey, but because I don’t use a lot during each application these blushes will last me for a very long time.

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