Smashbox Halo Long Wear Blush Review

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I had been reorganizing my makeup collection, and I cannot believe how much product I have. Some of the products are still sitting in a box waiting to be discovered. I guess this is the disadvantage of working in the cosmetic world, I buy everything I see insight. Remind you, there is a long wish list on my phone and laptop of the brands and products I want to get my hand on. Can’t remember how long ago I have had the Smashbox Halo Long Wear blush, but it’s time to pull it out of my stash and start using it.

SMASHBOX Halo Long Wear Blush is a long-wearing blush inspired by the bestselling Halo powder. This dimming provides a bright light from the inside that stays inside. As a bonus, the newly built-in grinder gives you complete control of getting the right amount of freshly made ground, always good colour – and flawless. To get the right amount of product, try twisting the lump clockwise to 1 oven.

In Bloom is a bright pink with a luminous sheen finish. This color is one of the brightest colors in the whole collection. Despite that, the color comes out extremely soft. Compare to some of the blush, I normally wear In Bloom is not as bright; which makes perfect for an everyday blush during the daytime. It gives me a natural flush. Sometimes I like to pair this blush with natural eye shadows, along with a deeper lip shade. In Bloom somehow seem to connect everything, making the whole makeup style look complete.

The best tools to use with Smashbox Halo Wear Blush is a fan brush or a stippling brush. These brushes don’t pick up a lot of product, so it makes it easier to build the wanted intensity. When I can find neither brush, I misplaced my things every day, I would have to use a regular angle blush brush. Lightly tap the brush into the product, and then tapping the brush against my wrist to lose some of the excess powder. I start applying to the area I want to concentrate most then lightly blending it out.

I honestly think I only got this blush is because of its cool packaging and design. The reason it’s still sitting in a corner untouched is because of its powdery form. For someone who loves to buy blushes and doesn’t like to wear something noticeable, this blush is very intimating. The color is extremely pigmented and bright! Of course, when I took the time to get to know it, it surely took me by surprise.

SMASHBOX Halo Long Wear blush looks tremendously natural upon my skin. Its luminous sheen provides a natural flush with a beautiful soft glow. Even though the blush pigmentation is extremely high, it blended effortlessly. I didn’t have an issue looking like a clown, even when I overload the product on my brush. The blush is buildable for higher intensity. The powdery texture of the blush doesn’t make my skin look ashy, or dry. Unbelievably, it makes my skin feel hydrated; with my dry skin anything that hydrates are a plus.

The downside about Halo Long Wear blush is that it does get extremely messy because of how finely it milled. If I accidentally grind too much product, the leftover will end up on my makeup table. I can’t stack it into my collection laying sideways because it will spill all over my drawer. The number of shades offered in this collection is extremely limited, it only has six colors.


I recommend this blush to anyone, especially for those of you who are makeup lovers. The idea of the blush is extremely unique. The color payoff is enormously high, so you don’t need to use a lot of product to achieve the that you want. Its color choice is limited, but there is a shade for almost every skin tone. If your skin tone is on the deeper side, then you might not be able to find the perfect shade.


  • Long-wearing, hydrate, and pigmented
  • Only need a little product at a time
  • Provide a nice glow
  • Unique design


  • Need more colours
  • Messy · Not best for travel, it will spill everywhere

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