Tinted Lip Balms Products and Reviews

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I had never been a very big fan of lip products, as you can tell I haven’t mentioned any lip products in my blog. My lips are full, and it is naturally deep pink. The downside is my lips always dry and chap. I drink tons of water a day and I tried using many lip condition products to put some hydration into it but still fail. Sometimes I want to change the color of my lips to go with certain makeup styles, but with my lips so dry I can’t even use lipstick or lip gloss. 


Today I will share one of my new obsessions, which is the tinted lip balm. For people who do n’tuse lipstick or lip gloss, then tinted lip balm may become one of your best friends too. I haven’t tried a whole bunch of brands to be able to make a comparison, but I so far the one I tried – they are something.

Mac tinted lip conditioner has never been new to me, I owned the Hello Kitty- Pink Fish (Limited Collection) and the Petting Pink. The lip balm comes in a flat round container. To apply I must use my fingertip or a lip brush. I hated how this lip balm is not in a tube or a lipstick container. After a couple of used my lip balm got a little dirty because dirt can get in it so easily. Not to mention sometimes my fingertip is dirty when touching the product. 

Featured of Tinted Lip Balm

The lip balm includes SPF fifteen to protect against the sun. Although this particular lip conditioner is extremely hydrating, but with my dried out lips, I should use Vaseline or perhaps Healing Ointment underneath the item to incorporate additional hydration. I love wearing this by yourself every time I love enhancing the all natural color of the mouth of mine or even put in a small layer of a basis underneath the Vaseline or Healing Ointment.

The foundation help hide my natural lips color, which makes the hint of colors in the lip condition show better. The Mac tinted lip conditioner also has a little shine to it, so I don’t have to apply any lip gloss to make it look shiny. I bought this lip conditioner a while back, so I do not think Mac is still selling it. The only place you may be able to find this tinted lip balm is on Amazon or eBay.

My Review on Tinted Lip Balm

During my birthday Sephora had given me the fresh Feel Good Beauty as a gift. It comes with two mini lip balms in Sugar Rose Tinted – sheer berry rose in pink case and Sugar – clear in a brown case. The product comes in a lipstick container, so I can just apply it directly to my lips without using any type of tool. This is something I love because I don’t have to get my fingertip or the product dirty. They both come in SPF 15 as well. 

The shade of the Sugar Rose Tinted – sheer berry rose in the pink case is a deep pink almost plum, which I find it perfect to apply it with a natural eye makeup look. My eye makeup doesn’t show much so I like my lips to be a little darker. I don’t need to use any other lip conditioner underneath this product because it is very moisture. 

This lip balm doesn’t have any shine to it, so I like to add a little bit of clear lip gloss on top to make it look as if I am wearing lipstick instead of lip balm. You can purchase any of these lip balms at Sephora. It does come in five other colors for you to choose from.

Of course, I have a couple of drugstores lip balms I must always have too. The first one that I like is the Nivea – A Kiss of Shimmer Pearly. This lip balm only has SPF 10, compare with two products mention above. I don’t find this product is that moisturizing, so I have to wear Vaseline or Healing Ointment underneath for additional moisture. There is no shine to this product either, but I do love its pale pink shade. 

It helps reduce the pink in my natural lips color, which is perfect to use with the smokey eye makeup look. You can find this product at any of the local drugstores, such as Wal-Mart or Target. It comes in five or six other shades and flavors for you to pick. With the price being so cheap you can own the whole collection without breaking your bank.

The Maybelline Baby Lips is my recent discovery and obsession. Four out of six varieties are tinted, and I happen to own all four. The color seems kind of bright and colorful at first, but after I apply it on, I realize they are very sheer. All of these colors can be used with light or dark eye makeup. 

The lip balms come with SPF 20, which is the highest one compare to other brands I had own. The product is very moisturizing, but the company claim to keep your lips hydrated and moisture up to 8 hours is false. I know I must re-apply mine lips at least every 20 minutes. To add more hydration I wear this lip balm on top of some other lip moisturizer. 

There is no shine to this lip balm as well, so sometimes I would add a little lip gloss on top to make my lips shiny. You can purchase the Maybelline Baby Lips at any of your local drugstores.. Each of these cost less than $3 so own them all if you have to.

My Recommendation

I do recommend any of these products to you ladies who want to use tinted lip balms over lipsticks. Keep in mind most of the ones I currently own are moisturize, but it won’t look that shinny. Don’tfeel discourage if you can get the shine you want. After six months of using lip balms, the condition of lips also improve. My lips are no longer as dry and chap as it used to. I no longer need to wear a layer of Vaseline or Healing Ointment underneath any of these lip balm mentions above. I believe after a couple more months my lips will be moisture and hydrated just like anyone else. Maybe by then, I can start using lipstick and lip gloss for more choices.

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